M u s i c

Soleil Niklasson Quintet



Daughter Of The King.mp3

"Latin" with Soleil Niklasson & Hermosa 

Love Don`t Come Easy (Hermosa).mp3

Time Everlasting (Hermosa).mp3

Sandman (Hermosa).mp3

Paradise (Hermosa).mp3

Soleil Niklasson & Simply Soleil

Beautiful is loving you.mp3

If I could - live.mp3

Blues with Soleil Niklasson & Simply Soleil

Slow down.mp3

Jazz with Soleil Niklasson

Love for sale.mp3

Speak low.mp3

Somewhere over the rainbow .mp3


Autumn leaves.mp3

Jazz Fusion feat. Soleil Niklasson

Art And Passion.mp3

Bye Bye.mp3

"Kriminalmusik"  with Soleil Niklasson 

Diamonds Are Forever with Soleil.mp3

Skyfall with Soleil.mp3

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