Art Soleil


    60 x 60 cm

    50 x 70 cm

                            60 x 80 cm

                            50 x 70 cm


Soleil Niklasson has stimulated the fans and friends with her music and now with her visual art. She opens her compositions that boast majestic doors to colors, bold creativity and magnetic passion. Her art always had attention of stirring the heart, mind and soul. You will journey her world, people and places that grounded her in life. She takes you to the place where images from a deeply spiritual space conquers her heart. Soleil invites you to explore her quiet place where you will find her music and her art, it`s where it comes alive. Soleil says: „When I place a smile on my potraits it comes alive and it`s also real. This is truely another peak in my career, a gift from God. It took the time and space I needed to journey to the center of my soul. And simply my soul spoke to me and now to you.“

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